Anti-fog Shield Face Mask

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Model Number: NH-0097

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

An anti-fog shield face mask is a protective mask that has a transparent shield designed to prevent fogging. The masks are commonly used in healthcare settings.


An anti-fog shield face mask is a type of protective mask that includes a transparent shield or visor designed to prevent fogging. These masks are commonly used in healthcare settings, particularly by medical professionals, where clear visibility of the face and protection against respiratory droplets and splashes are essential. Here are key features and characteristics of anti-fog shield face masks:

Transparent Shield: The mask includes a clear, transparent shield made from materials that resist fogging. This shield covers the face, providing a barrier against respiratory droplets and splashes, while allowing for clear visibility of the wearer’s facial expressions.

Anti-Fog Coating: The transparent shield is treated with an anti-fog coating to minimize or eliminate fogging. This is especially important to maintain visibility during extended use, especially when breathing or speaking may contribute to fogging.

Secure Fit: The mask is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit around the nose and mouth, with adjustable straps or ear loops to keep it in place.

Multi-Layer Construction: The mask itself may have multiple layers, including inner layers for filtration and outer layers for fluid resistance. The shield adds an additional layer of protection against splashes.

Breathable Material: While providing protection, the mask is made from breathable materials to ensure comfort during extended wear.

Usage in Healthcare Settings: Anti-fog shield face masks are commonly used by healthcare professionals during medical procedures where protection against respiratory droplets and splashes is crucial. They are also used in dental settings, laboratories, and other environments where close contact with patients or exposure to bodily fluids may occur.

Disposable or Reusable: These masks can be available in both disposable and reusable forms. Disposable masks are convenient for single-use, while reusable ones can be cleaned and disinfected for multiple uses.

Compatibility with Eyewear: Some designs are made to be compatible with eyeglasses or goggles, minimizing the chances of fogging in conjunction with other eye protection.

It’s important to follow proper guidelines for wearing, handling, and disposing of these masks, especially in healthcare settings where infection control protocols are in place. Additionally, users should be aware of the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for maintaining the anti-fog properties of the shield.


PPE - Niche Healthcare

PPE – Niche Healthcare


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