Antimicrobial Surgical Scrub Brush

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Model Number: NH-78898

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Scrub brush system features a full line of antimicrobial solutions used for scrubbing hands prior to surgical procedures. 
Our carton dispenses single packaged brushes and fits a scrub brush bracket that is wall-mountable.


Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
Saturated Scrub Brush 
511201 9% Povidone-iodine Scrub Brush 200
511202 5% Povidone-iodine Scrub Brush 200
511203 10% Povidone-iodine Scrub Brush 200
511204 7.5% Povidone-iodine Scrub Brush 200
511205 4% Parachlometaxylenol PCMX Scrub Brush 200
511206 3.3% Parachlometaxylenol PCMX Scrub Brush 200
511207 4% Chlorhexidine digluconate Scrub Brush 200
Unsaturated Scrub Brush
511208 Non sterile bulk pack Scrub Brush 500
511209 Individual PE bag pack Scrub Brush 300
511210 Blister paper bag pack Scrub Brush 300


A surgical scrub brush is a medical tool used for the mechanical scrubbing of hands and forearms by surgical personnel before entering the operating room. The purpose of using a surgical scrub brush is to remove dirt, debris, and transient microorganisms from the skin, significantly reducing the risk of introducing pathogens into the surgical site during procedures. The scrubbing process is an essential part of the preoperative hand hygiene protocol.

Here are some key features and information about surgical scrub brushes:

Design: Surgical scrub brushes are typically designed with a brush on one side and a sponge or sponge-like material on the other. The brush side is used for scrubbing the nails, hands, and forearms, while the sponge side is used for cleaning under the nails.

Bristles: The bristles of the brush are usually soft and flexible to ensure effective cleaning without causing damage to the skin. The bristle density may vary, and some brushes may have tapered bristles for improved cleaning.

Antimicrobial Properties: Some surgical scrub brushes may incorporate antimicrobial agents into the bristles or sponge material to enhance their effectiveness in reducing microbial load.

Handle: Surgical scrub brushes typically have a handle or grip to facilitate easy and comfortable use during the scrubbing process. The handle may be designed for a secure grip, and some brushes have an ergonomic shape.

Single-Use or Reusable: Surgical scrub brushes are available in both single-use and reusable forms. Single-use brushes are disposed of after a single scrubbing session to ensure sterility, while reusable brushes are sterilized between uses.

Compatibility with Antiseptic Solutions: Surgical scrub brushes are often used in conjunction with antimicrobial or antiseptic solutions, such as chlorhexidine or povidone-iodine, to further reduce microbial contamination during the scrubbing process.

Size: The size of surgical scrub brushes may vary to accommodate different hand sizes and preferences.

Compliance with Protocols: Surgical scrub brushes are used in accordance with specific protocols and guidelines for hand hygiene in healthcare settings. The scrubbing process typically involves a specific sequence and duration to ensure thorough cleaning.

Healthcare professionals, especially those involved in surgical procedures, follow stringent hand hygiene practices to maintain aseptic conditions in the operating room. The use of surgical scrub brushes is a critical step in this process, contributing to the prevention of surgical site infections and ensuring patient safety.


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