Asthma Disease Training Model

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Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways, which leads to episodes of wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. These symptoms can vary in severity and frequency and are often triggered by specific factors.

Key Characteristics of Asthma

Airway Inflammation:

Chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes (airways).

Leads to swelling and increased mucus production, making it harder to breathe.


The muscles around the airways tighten, further narrowing the airways.

Triggered by various stimuli such as allergens, irritants, cold air, or exercise.

Variable and Reversible Airflow Obstruction:

The degree of airway obstruction can change over time or with treatment.

Many asthma symptoms can be reversed with medication.

Symptoms of Asthma

  • Wheezing: A whistling or squeaky sound when you breathe.
  • Shortness of Breath: Difficulty breathing or feeling out of breath.
  • Chest Tightness: A feeling of pressure or constriction in the chest.
  • Coughing: Often worse at night or early in the morning.

Common Triggers of Asthma

  • Allergens: Pollen, dust mites, mould, pet dander.
  • Irritants: Smoke, pollution, strong odours, chemical fumes.
  • Respiratory Infections: Colds, flu, sinus infections.
  • Physical Activity: Exercise-induced asthma.
  • Weather: Cold air or sudden changes in weather.
  • Emotions: Stress or strong emotional reactions.

Diagnosis of Asthma

Medical History and Physical Exam:

Discussion of symptoms, family history, and potential triggers.

Listening to the lungs for wheezing sounds.

Pulmonary Function Tests:

  • Spirometry: Measures how much air you can inhale and exhale, and how quickly you can exhale.
  • Peak Flow Meter: A simple device to measure the rate at which you can force air out of your lungs.

Allergy Testing:

Identifying specific allergens that may trigger asthma symptoms.

Challenge Tests:

Tests that involve inhaling increasing doses of a specific allergen or irritant under controlled conditions.


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