Colonoscopy Pants Endoscopy

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Model Number: NH-21451

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

Colonoscopy Pants Endoscopy is made of polypropylene, breathable, short – leg length up to 75 cm, not transparent, rubber waist or adjustable with straps.
Slit / opening at the back of the trousers with velcro fastening or along the back seam, 25 cm long (± 1 cm)


Patient garments worn during colonoscopy or endoscopy procedures typically include gowns or shorts designed for easy access during the examination while ensuring patient modesty. Here are some general healthcare benefits associated with appropriate patient garments in endoscopic procedures within the NHS:

  1. Accessibility for Procedure: Garments designed for colonoscopy or endoscopy procedures provide easy access to the area of examination while maintaining patient dignity. This allows healthcare professionals to perform the procedure efficiently.

  2. Modesty and Comfort: Patient garments are designed to balance the need for procedural access with patient comfort and modesty. These garments are typically lightweight and comfortable for the patient during the examination.

  3. Hygiene and Infection Control: Disposable patient garments contribute to hygiene and infection control by providing a clean and uncontaminated layer for each patient. They help prevent the spread of infections and maintain aseptic conditions during procedures.

  4. Convenience for Patients: Patient garments designed for endoscopic procedures are convenient for patients to wear and remove. This ease of use enhances the overall patient experience and cooperation during the medical examination.

  5. Facilitates Monitoring and Care: The design of patient garments allows healthcare providers to monitor vital signs and easily administer care during and after the procedure. It ensures that healthcare professionals can respond quickly to any immediate needs.

  6. Professionalism and Standardization: The use of standardized patient garments contributes to a professional and organized healthcare environment. It helps ensure consistency in patient preparation and care practices across different healthcare settings.

  7. Prevention of Contamination: Patient garments help prevent contamination of personal clothing during endoscopic procedures. This is particularly important in avoiding the transfer of bodily fluids or cleaning agents onto the patient’s clothing.

  8. Psychological Comfort: Wearing appropriate patient garments can provide psychological comfort to patients, helping to alleviate anxiety or concerns related to the procedure. It contributes to a positive patient experience.


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PPE - Niche Healthcare

PPE – Niche Healthcare


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