Gecko Compact Paediatric Exam Table

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Model Number: NH-76823

Pedia Pals’ ZooPals Pediatric Exam Tables are high quality and field-tested exam tables that allow patients to feel comfortable in the doctor’s office. ZooPals exam tables were created to allow doctors to perform their task while the patient has reduced anxiety and feels welcomed in the environment. The Gecko ZooPals exam table is a great addition to any existing pediatric office or as part of a renovation to be more patient and healing oriented. Pedia Pals offer a decal kit that will turn an existing doctor’s office into the corresponding theme creating a positive environment that children will thrive in.

**Compact ZooPals do not come with storage drawers**

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Catalog Number 5700
• Stock Colour: Bright Green and Grey
• Cushion: Dove Gray
• 53” L x 26” W x 33” H
• 33″ from floor to top of cushion
• Top: 55” L x 26” W x 4” H
• Foot Extension; 17” L x 15” W
• Weight: 100 lbs
• Weight Capacity: 500lbs
• Patented design
• Limited lifetime warranty


Creating A Positive Paediatric Environment.

Creating A Positive Paediatric Environment.


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