Medical Foley Catheter Holder

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A Foley catheter holder is a medical device designed to secure and stabilize a Foley catheter in place. Foley catheters are flexible tubes inserted into the bladder through the urethra to drain urine. These catheters have an inflatable balloon at the tip that is filled with sterile water once the catheter is in the bladder. The balloon helps keep the catheter securely in place.

A Foley catheter holder is used to prevent the catheter from being accidentally pulled or tugged, which could cause discomfort or injury to the patient. The holder typically consists of a strap or harness that wraps around the patient’s leg, waist, or other appropriate body part. It includes clips or loops to secure the catheter tubing in place, preventing it from getting tangled or pulled.

Benefits of using a Foley catheter holder include: 

Patient Comfort: Proper placement and securement of the catheter help prevent unnecessary movement or pulling, enhancing patient comfort.

Reduced Risk of Complications: Securely holding the catheter in place reduces the risk of complications such as urethral trauma, bladder spasms, or dislodgement of the catheter.

Convenience for Caregivers: Foley catheter holders make it easier for caregivers to manage and provide care to patients with indwelling catheters.

Prevention of Accidental Displacement: The holder minimizes the chances of accidental displacement of the catheter, which could lead to the need for reinsertion.

Foley catheter holders come in various designs and sizes to accommodate different patient needs. They are often adjustable for a secure and comfortable fit. Healthcare professionals typically choose the appropriate type of holder based on the patient’s anatomy and the catheter size.

It’s essential to follow proper hygiene practices and regularly assess the catheter site to prevent infections and ensure the overall well-being of the patient. Always consult with healthcare professionals for specific guidance on catheter care and securement.


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