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Dental bib holder clips are small devices used in dental offices to secure dental bibs (also known as patient bibs or dental napkins) around the patient’s neck during dental procedures. These clips help keep the bib in place and prevent it from shifting or falling off, ensuring cleanliness and comfort for the patient throughout the appointment.

Here are some features and considerations regarding dental bib holder clips:

  • Material: Dental bib holder clips are typically made of plastic or metal. Plastic clips are lightweight and disposable, while metal clips may be reusable and more durable.
  • Design: Clips often feature a spring-loaded mechanism that allows for easy attachment and removal of the dental bib. Some clips may have a locking mechanism to ensure a secure fit.
  • Size: Dental bib holder clips come in various sizes to accommodate different types of dental bibs and neck sizes. It’s important to choose a clip size that fits comfortably around the patient’s neck without being too tight or too loose.
  • Comfort: Look for clips with smooth edges and surfaces to prevent discomfort or irritation for the patient during the procedure.
  • Hygiene: Disposable plastic clips offer the advantage of hygiene, as they can be discarded after each use to prevent cross-contamination between patients. Reusable metal clips should be properly sterilized between uses according to standard infection control protocols.
  • Colour: While not essential, some dental bib holder clips come in different colours, which can add a touch of customization or help differentiate between different patients’ bibs.
  • Accessibility: Ensure that the clips are easily accessible for dental professionals during procedures, allowing for quick and convenient attachment and removal of the bibs as needed.
  • Quantity: Dental bib holder clips are typically sold in packs containing multiple clips, providing an ample supply for use in the dental office.

Overall, dental bib holder clips are simple yet essential tools in maintaining cleanliness and patient comfort during dental treatments, and selecting the right clips can contribute to a positive patient experience.


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